The five-year-training (three Bachelor years and two Master years) starts with a broad and general musical two-year-training. The choice to graduate in music therapy is made starting from the third Bachelor year. From that moment also music therapeutic, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic courses will be taught, next to the musical ones. In view of their personal development, the students start their own psychotherapy and a music therapeutic experience in group. The five instrumental courses (piano, guitar, percussion, voice and one monodic instrument the student is free to choose) especially stress the musical improvisational capacity.

From the third Bachelor year the students already gain a certain familiarity with the music therapeutic practice. Under supervision they develop a therapeutic relationship with a child with a mental handicap, autism or behavioural problems.

The second Master year is entirely devoted to the clinical internship in the Universitair Psychiatrisch Centrum campus Kortenberg and in diverse other psychiatric centres. The music therapeutic abilities are now developed processwise and one learns to cooperate in a multidisciplinary team. All activities now take place under supervision of experienced clinical supervisors.

The training is concluded with a thesis, which is defended in front of a mixed exams commission existing out of intern and extern examiners. The thesis consists of a theoretic section and a practice section, which is tested to the discussed theory. In this thesis the candidate deepens one aspect of music therapy profoundly and describes and evaluates s/he the process of her or his therapeutic practice.

The graduated Master in Music, option Music Therapy is mainly employed in psychiatric centres and facilities for persons with a handicap. Also geriatric, oncological and pediatric units of general hospitals and school for special education invoke their competences. Some music therapists also set up an independent music therapy practice.