Charlotte Christiaens

Charlotte Christiaens followed the music therapy training at Lemmensinstituut, Leuven and also studied during one year as a free student at Hochschule Magdeburg in Germany. For years she was responsible for the supervision group from West- and Eastern Flanders. Now she is committed to the Commission for Independent Music Therapists. In the past she worked as a music therapist in the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic hospital St.-Jozef, Pittem (2003-2009), where she has worked with people with different psychiatric problems (depression disorder, substance abuse, psychosis). Since 2009 Charlotte works as a music therapist in PTC Rustenburg, a psychotherapeutic centre for adults. Next to this she has a music therapy practice where she organises music therapy sessions as well as piano lessons. In her free time she follows cello and jazz-piano lessons and she plays in a jazz combo.

 Soetkin Cantraine

Soetkin Cantraine studied at the Lemmensinstituut highschool with piano as her main course. Afterwards she was trained as a music therapist at LUCA School of Arts where she graduated in 2008 as a Master in Music Therapy. Next to this she as well obtained the degree of Aggregate for Secondary Education, group 2. She started her carreer at PC Sint-Amedeus at Mortsel at a crisis ward and a ward dedicated to chronic psychiatric patients. From 2009 onwards she is employed as a music therapist at De Lork asbl: an institute for adults with a mental disability and psychiatric disorder. Meanwhile she founded her private music therapy practice at Dendermonde where she, next to giving music therapy sessions to individuals, also organises piano courses, singing courses and guitar courses. Furthermore she established courses of Musical Experiences for tots and courses of Music Initiation for toddlers. She is a teacher for Creative Musicianship and piano initiation at the Gemeentelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord & Dans at Lebbeke. Finally she also is employed at the General Hospital of Aalst where she works as a music therapist at the psychiatric ward.

Freya Drossaert

Freya Drossaert graduated in 2008 at Lemmensinstituut, Leuven as Master in Music Therapy and as Aggregate for secondary education, group 2. In the past she has worked with adults with severe and multiple handicaps and with elderly with psychic problems, yes or no combined with a demential syndrome. Beside this, she has also worked as a teacher in ortho-agogic musical formation with children and youngsters with special needs.
Currently she works at the General Psychiatric Hospital Sint-Lucia, Sint-Niklaas, where she works as a music therapist at different specialised units (psychosis, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders). Since February 2010 she is seated in the board of BMT asbl, where she is responsible for the maintenance of the website and later on has become Belgian delegate for EMTC. Since May 2011 she also is chairman for BMT asbl.

Griet Plettinx

Griet Plettinx received her degree Master in Music Therapy in 2001 at Lemmensinstituut, Leuven. During 7 years she worked as a music therapist in a general psychiatric hospital, where she worked with adult groups on different treatment units. Since 2007 she works at the unit Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from the General Hospital Nikolaas at Sint-Niklaas, a residential setting with an admission duration of 4 to 8 weeks.
Griet also followed the postgraduate training “Musical Formation of the young Child” at KHMechelen. She regularly accompanies sessions “Child Sounds”: playful music and movement activities for babies and toddlers together with their (grand)parents. Griet also organises formations on this topic for childminders. Every first Sunday of the month she organises sessions “Music in pregnancy” and “Music with your baby” in group practice Silta at Stekene.
Since Spring 2010 Griet is involved in the board of BMT asbl, where she coordinates the supervision groups.

Lieselotte Steenkiste

  Lieselotte Steenkiste graduated in 2011 as Master in Music Therapy at LUCA School of Arts, Leuven. Since then she is employed at UC Sint-Jozef, Kortenberg, where she provides music therapy at two psychiatric wards for younsters ( De Kade en Beaufort) and at KLIPP ( Clinicap Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders). Next to this she is completing a specialty in flute at the music academy at Veurne. Since 2013 she is General Secretary of BMT asbl.



Daisy Varewyck

Daisy Varewyck graduated in 2005 at Lemmensinsituut, Leuven. Since 2006 she is board member of BMT asbl and editorial manager of the Journal for Music Therapy. Currently she works part-time as a music therapist on the admission unit for psychosis and the crisis unit from the Psychiatric Centre Dr. Guislain. Devotedly she speaks on her work at congresses, study days and info sessions in Belgium and abroad. Next to her work as a music therapist, she teaches the piano. She also works as a freelance pianist for the improvisation theatre ‘Inspinazie’, and composes the music for productions from the non-verbal theatre ‘Filiaal’. Since September 2010 she is the pianist of the musical duo “les femmes d’A faire”. Since 2009 Daisy follows the postgraduate training psychoanalysis at Soag, Gent.